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February 28, 2003

Does anyone know if Manhattanville is a Nike or adidas school?

To the Editor:

Re Player's Protest Over the Flag Divides Fans

On the one hand patriotic Americans appear obsessed with the flag as a symbol of cherished freedoms. On the other hand, many opf the same Americans are angry and intolerant when Toni Smith exercises her right to practice the most fundamental of those fredoms.

Toni Smith, a senior guard on Manhattanville College's women's basketball team, turns her back to the flag during pregame playing of "The Star-Spangled Banner" to silently protest America's potential involvement in a war on Iraq.

The rancor exceeds mere disagreement. The patriots are offended by Toni Smith's observance of a First Amendment right.

Because free speech is so fundamental to American notions of freedom, the act of protest is inherently patriotic, regardless of the point of view or substance. If that is not the case, it is immaterial whether the military has fought and sacrificed for the First Amendment freedom to protest.

Portland, Ore., Feb. 26, 2003
The Athlete and the Flag, NYT, Editorials/Letters, 2/27/03, A30

New Jersey Idle
Just got back from a fairly nondescript Nets game, a 29-point drubbing of a dozen or so guys Don Chaney apparently picked up at Port Authority, gave Knicks jerseys, and drove out to the Meadowlands with the promise of $20 and a bottle of Thunderbird if they could just remain upright for 48 minutes. Official Favorite Sub of The Donk Aaron Williams picked up seven points, six boards, and four assists for a

The highlight was, of course, halftime, when Joe Piscopo (who I feel really bad about making fun of before now that I read he's recovering from thyroid cancer) emceed New Jersey Idol, basically four talentless folks singing off-key for about 15 seconds each. The winner sang — now get this — "New York State of Mind!" At a Nets/Knicks game! In the Meadowlands! Okay, he changed the last line to "New Jersey state of mind" but none of the other NY-themed lyrics so it didn't make any sense at all! The rest of the night kind of continued downhill after that...

Speaking of the Nets, I haven't plugged this in a while, but is a terrific fansite: hilarious, passionate, intelligent, etc. Go check it out.

"Wouldn't it be offensive if we cheered `Rah rah rah' for the Carolina Negros / With our beatbox cheer and our fake foam afros?"
Speaking of Indian mascots. one of the greatest performers in America today, Atom and his Package (it's just the one guy), has recorded a rockin' song on this very topic entitled "If You Own the Washington Redskins, You're a Cock," available from his site. And then you should probably buy all his CD's and maybe a bumper sticker. Posted by Ken

Pete Gets Nominated for the Hall
"It was a tremendous honor just being nominated to the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame."You know, somehow I don't quite believe Pete there, maybe because he probably hadn't heard of the place until about three months ago, or perhaps he finished in the voting behind Kirk "106-108 Lifetime Record" McCaskill.

So what's next for everybody's favorite degenerate gambler? Hey, he used to use those Mizuno bats, right? Well, how about the Japanese Hall of Fame? Posted by Ken

Bill aims to ban American Indian mascot names
Natalie Stites is neither proud nor honored by school sports teams that take the field led by tomahawk-waving mascots while the crowd roars "Go Indians." "Mascot imagery is not accurate. It perpetuates stereotypes," said Stites, a member of the Cheyenne River Lakota tribe. "It's a basic civil rights issue," said Goldberg, D-Los Angeles. "We don't permit any other ethnic group to be caricatured as a part of sport." Article

You GOTTA love Mike Tyson
Tyson commenting on his hobbies: "I like doing other things. I like getting high, hanging out with my kids. I like drinking,'' Tyson said.

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February 21, 2003

Ah, Synergy! Koufax Cuts Ties to Dodgers Over Blind Item in New York Post

Actual Malice is reporting that
Koufax's decision to "no longer attend spring training at Dodgertown in Florida, visit Dodger Stadium or participate in any activities while they are owned by News Corp." was reportedly a reaction to a blind item that ran in the New York Post on December 19, 2002 that stated: "Which Hall of Fame baseball hero cooperated with a best-selling biography only because the author promised to keep it secret that he is gay? The author kept her word, but big mouths at the publishing house can't keep from flapping."
The question implied but not asked is did Sandy out himself?

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February 20, 2003

Versatility Index

KG is tops of the triple threats.

related: NBA Clutch Time

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February 18, 2003

the SI cover

Super Boring Petra

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February 13, 2003

* For some married people, Internet dating has draw

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February 4, 2003

Another Grigoriadis Installment

Orgy-lite via Gawker:
NY Mag's Vanessa Grigoriadis covers a "take-out" party at Idlewild where single women and couples pay for what party promoter Palagia calls "sensual liberation." A scene from one such party: "...guys had their polo shirts hanging open, and women had nothing on top except for the itsy-bitsy flowers painted on their nipples by a man in a white feathered hat. With one hand, he applied sparkly aquamarine to the areola of a blonde in a striped skirt. The other he put up her skirt."

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This Sucks

Tragedy Strikes the Reverse Cowgirl:
it is with deep and yet shallow reluctance i announce today VH1 has decided to pass on the RCB TV Show.
However, kowpie has indicated that she has two more opportunities with TNN and Comedy Central. If Comedy picks it up and puts it back to back with Insomniac then that could quite possibly be the best hour on television! Write your congressman and tell them we must have RCBtv.

Update: After hearing about TMR's letter writing campaign on behalf of Ms. Breslin Boing Boing and identity theory have picked up the torch and are running with it.

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February 3, 2003

Token T&A at

Angela Taylor is hot.

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small market?!

So much for the collective bargaining agreement. The Yanks give a big fuck you to the rest of baseball. Anyway, the playoffs were dominated this past year by "small market" teams. Money doesn't always buy wins, just look at the Mets.

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