December 7, 2003

USC got jerked big time

Guest Post by Mr. Bozack: The N.Y. Times acts as if it had nothing to do with USC being screwed. Their computers are the ones that caused the whole problem the BCS uses the times's rankings in there determination of 1 v 2. weeks ago; USC got jumped by Ohio State because the stupid Times computer placed them 5th and OS 2nd after Miami lost.

The coaches poll automatically awards its final No. 1 ranking to the winner of the B.C.S. title game. The news media voters can choose any team as the champion. Now the often-criticized system of ranking teams and slotting them into four bowl games worth nearly $90 million has created the possibility of two national college football champions: the winner of the L.S.U.-Oklahoma matchup in the B.C.S. title game, and Southern Cal if it defeats Michigan in the Rose Bowl on Jan. 1. Once USC was jumped they were hurt the rest of the way because of the overall computer rankings.

The NYT started the whole shit. While the Sooners (12-1) dropped from the top spot to No. 3 in the polls, they had the best average among the computer rankings and were judged to have the 11th-toughest schedule in the nation. They retained the No. 1 spot in the B.C.S. ranking, leaving Southern Cal (11-1) and L.S.U. (12-1), a 34-13 victor over Georgia on Saturday in the Southeastern Conference championship game, fighting for No. 2. Southern Cal was fighting history even though it had been ranked right behind Oklahoma in both the news media and coaches' polls because no Pac-10 team has ever played in a B.C.S. title game. [22:57]  [ ]