Piazza Worships Cox, Praises Johnson

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Mike piazza bears all in an exclusive one-on-one interview with TwistedFans.com.

K-Cebos Satashi: Let's get right to it. Who's your favorite manager (besides Valentine) in baseball today?

Mike Piazza: I really admire Cox. Bobby has been big in Atlanta ever since he got there.

KS: But aren't the Mets and Braves bitter rivals.

MP: I don't let that affect my judgment. I'm a lifelong fan of Cox.†

KS: If you could catch for anyone in the league, who would it be?

MP: The Big Unit. He really brings it when he gets on the rubber. No one out there matches Johnson's intensity. Definitely Randy Johnson.

KS: How bout some of the younger pitchers?

MP: I'd have to take Wood. When Kerry's healthy he's as explosive as Big Train Johnson.

KS: Any other pitchers out there interest you?

MP: To be honest, there's not a pitcher out there I wouldn't get into position for except maybe El Guapo.

KS:†Are there any up and coming batsman that have impressed you?

MP:†Lance has real power, he can really drive them in. Berkman may help more guys score then even Hammerin' Hank this season.

KS: Anyone in baseball that you really don't like?

MP: Come to think of it I hate Bush. I had a run in with Homer at second base once and well, I just didn't enjoy the experience.

KS:†Finally, is there anything that youíre especially looking forward to this season?

MP:†Without a doubt the All-Star Game. I canít wait to team up with all these guys. Theyíre a joy to play with. Hopefully, Iíll get the chance to catch for Randy and, of course, Lance will be there to drive me in.

Look for K-Cebo Satashi's interview next month with NASCAR driver Dick Trickle.
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