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Controversial Life of Seattle Slew



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Seattle Slew in one of his last races before his life took its quarter-mile turn for the worst.
     When famous Triple Crown winner Seattle Slew died, he had sired over 100 offspring spread throughout the country – the result of dozens of unfulfilling relationships that marked his legendary but controversial and tragic life.

     Seattle was born in a Huntsville, Alabama barn to Montgomery and Jinny Slew. His father, a racer and frequent mare-izer, left the family to fend for themselves when Seattle was still a colt. However, Seattle Slew was soon taken, against his mother's objections, to run at several different racetracks across the Midwest. Jinny Slew didn't believe racing was an honest way to make a living. She had high hopes that her son would one day carry a Canadian Royal Mountie or pull an Amish buggy.

     Nevertheless, racing was clearly in Seattle's blood, as he won race after race, leading up to his spectacular Derby finish in 1977. Life was good for Seattle Slew after his victory, but the public's adoration of the horse would be short-lived. After he hit the age of three, the races were few and far between.

     Seattle soon became the subject of the scandal sheets, when he was caught with an underage filly. ASPCA officials turned their heads the other way, but the allegations became too much. Slew rarely appeared in public again.

     Tragedy struck the Slew family when Seattle's half-brother, Reno, fell ill and was soon sold to Alpo. During the same year, Jinny Slew broke her leg and was dragged off to the Elmer's Glue Factory. Seattle, alone in the world, began to repeat the womanizing patterns that his father left him as a legacy.

     Seattle Slew was pimped by a man named Tex, who arranged erotic encounters between Seattle and several willing mares for money. He never wanted for company, but in the end he died miserable and alone.  

Butch Rogaine is not the love child of Seattle Slew and Melissa Etheridge.

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