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Tues, Nov 6, 2001

Yankees O'Neill Refuses to Leave B.O.B.


GRAND CANYON, AZ –  The grounds crew at Arizona's Bank One Ballpark met trouble in the form of the Yankees' Paul O'Neill Sunday night, when the right fielder refused to leave the field. 

Reuters Photo
Above: O'Neill still in disbelief over strike call.
     Since the Yanks loss to Arizona, O'Neill has been standing in and around the batter's box at home plate squirming, making child like faces, and all but crying. The source of his displeasure: a fourth inning strike out against D-Backs starter curt Schilling in Game 7.

       "He keeps yelling 'C'mon ump, that was low,' at us over and over again," explains groundskeeper Mickey Sasser. "Then he outlines the plate with his bat and stares into the empty visitor's dugout. Really weird."

     Various members of the grounds crew have tried to fool O'Neill by calling ball four and awarding him first base, but the outfielder, who actually singled later in the game, will not relent from his complaining about the pitch.

     However, help seems on the way, as the Yankees have promised to send bench coach Don Zimmer to retrieve O'Neill and fly with him back to New York.

Luscious Rosenbaum wishes the one-time batting champ well on his retirement and his new position as chief nurse at Beth Israel's Pediatric Ward.

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