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Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Imagine the world how it was in 1984.... now imagine jumping directly to 2003. That's what it must be like for this guy

Thursday, July 03, 2003

Useless Lifeforms
"[Apartment] Brokers are filthy, filthy animals. In fact, if there were a broker in my apartment, I'd put out traps and poison. And none of that Have-a-heart shit. I'd get the kind that breaks the necks or sticky mats laced with gonorrhea. So they'll have burning, flesh-eating rashes and won't be able to scratch them because their chest hair and 40% gold chains are glued to my cheap-ass linoleum floor. Brokers give rats a bad name. And in NY, I think brokers outnumber rats 2 to 1. "
Stereolabrat on housing brokers in NYC

For those of you who do not live in NYC, here's how it works:
Slumlords own 90% of the available apartments for rent in NYC, primarily 5th floor walk-ups built around 1940.
Slumlord's, being too lazy to do any actual work, get their slumbroker friends to show the apartment to potential renters. If it's a half-decent apartment, it will be off the market in less than a day.
For this grueling 10 minutes of work, slumbrokers extort 15-18% of the yearly rent from the tenant.
Since the average 2 Bedroom in NYC costs ~$2,700, slumbrokers make over 5 grand for basically unlocking the door.

Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Bush dares foes to attack US troops
Way to support our troops, big guy...

President George W. Bush vowed that strikes on US-led forces in Iraq would not lead the United States to "leave prematurely" and defiantly challenged any foes in the war-torn nation to attack US troops.

"There are some who feel like that, you know, the conditions are such that they can attack us there. My answer is, bring'em on!"

Thursday, June 26, 2003

Where Are The Topless Black Girls?
Snoop Dogg isn't wild about "Girls Gone Wild" anymore.

"If you notice, there hasn't been no girls of (ethnicity) at all on none of those tapes," Snoop Dogg complained during a recent interview. "No black girls, no Spanish girls -- all white girls, and that (stuff) ain't cool, because white girls ain't the only hos that get wild."

Snoop Dogg, whose real name is Calvin Broadus, said he plans to do his own version of "Girls Gone Wild" to "bring some flavor to the table" -- and to satisfy women of color waiting for their chance to go topless for the camera.

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

83 Percent Of Women Don't Consider Lap Dances As Cheating
Expect an increase in strip club attendance after this news gets out: 83 percent of American women don't think lap dances count as sexual contact. [NCBuy]

Thursday, June 19, 2003

Gratuitous Olsen Twins Pic

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Business Owner Chases, Runs Over Robbery Suspects In Hummer
Nice picture here. "It is not known if Peter will face charges" - I don't see how this guy won't end up in jail. Self-defense seems a long shot, but I guess he can plead that it was an accident, and he didn't intentionally run over the car.

Has the lap-dance ruined the strip-tease?
Elisabeth Eaves surveys the history of the lap dance, reviewing Lapdancer a book of photographs and interviews by NYU photography student turned lapdancer Juliana Beasley. Click here to see (and read) the slide show/review. [via]

Friday, June 13, 2003

NYTimes is looking a little racy this week

An Online Tag Sale Goes Uptown. The picture below from the Vegas article was in the NYTimes as well.

Reality show star loses job at law firm
Rob Campos, the bachelor star of NBC's dating game "For Love or Money," has a choice of women. But he no longer has his job. more...

Vegas just keeps getting better
After Nice, a Return to Vice: The contortionist perched at the edge of a transparent basin like a nymph on the rim of a cocktail glass. She peeled off her bra and slid into the water, followed by a woman who was her near mirror-image. The two began a submerged dance less acrobatic than erotic: their backs arched, their arms twined, their legs moved in anatomically improbable ways. Facing each other beneath the water, the pair mimed an embrace, then a kiss, then movements best left to a reader's imagination. Viewed from the platform of a rehearsal stage, the scene had the fuzzy unreality of soft-core fantasy.

Killer List of Videogames
The KLOV, the video-game department of The International Arcade Musem, has provided the Internet's largest database of coin-operated video-games since the earliest days of the Internet. Welcome to its web site! [via drinkme: Its archival coverage emphasizes the classic period 1980-1990. Cosmic Avenger. Sinistar. Karate Champ. Double Dragon II. Strider. Sweet, sweet nectar.]

Wal-mart Controls the Newstand
The retail giant controls a whopping 15% of newstand sales in the United States. Repeat: Fifteen percent! Thus, when they start covering "racy" women's magazines sold in checkout lanes or pull sex-filled lad's mags from the shelves, publishers pay attention.

My Late Night Viewing Habits -- because I know my readers care
The weeknight block on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim which is anchored by "Family Guy" Peter Griffin has been crushing ABC's rotund Jimmy Kimmel, by more than a 2-to-1 margin among 18 to 24 males...
"Family Guy," a canceled Fox prime-time show, has proven something of a phenomenon for Cartoon Network. It, "Futurama" and other toons axed from network television are now thriving on the cable channel.
These aren't your kids' cartoon shows

Actually, it's a nightly toss-up between Family Guy, Jackass and GTAVC.

It's True That We Love One Another
Unlucky-in-love Renée Zellweger seems to have broken her dry streak with a pretty unusual choice. The ultra-perky "Down With Love" star is coupling up White Stripes frontman Jack White. [NYPost] [sidenote: Elephant is phenomenol.]

Recommended: Up the Bracket
I've been playing the crap out of Up the BracketThe Libertines, group from London with awesome punk, garage sound. They sound like their drunk - which is good in this case. Really good songs. Produced by Mick Jones from The Clash. Sounds like The Clash a little at times.

Thursday, June 12, 2003

The Mob has taken over The Sims.
An underground group known as the Sims Shadow Government has taken over the fantasy world that is ``The Sims Online,'' meting out mob justice. It's a violent twist for ``The Sims,'' the dollhouse-inspired computer game that has long been portrayed as the antithesis to guns-'n-gore bestsellers like ``Grand Theft Auto.'' The emergence of a seedy underbelly in the online game may reveal more about the dark fantasies of middle-aged suburbanites than anyone suspected. [The Merc]

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Wait no -- go here
Miller Lite may have killed future catfight commercials, but that won't stop me from bringing you the great new version that is due out soon. I haven't seen it yet, but I'm sure that folks will be talking about it. How 'bout putting the Miller Lite Catfight girls in a pillow fight with Pam Anderson? Genius. I don't think I've ever seen it on TV, but the commercial is online here. Looking for catfight girls wallpaper? Happy to oblige. How 'bout this mud wrestling wallpaper? Or perhaps the catfight girls with Pam Anderson in the sprinklers? Or one of just Pam Anderson for Miller Lite?
Long Live the Catfight Commercials

Go Now
go see t.A.T.u.'s performance of "All the Things She Said" at

Getting Away With A Boys' Night Out
by Curt Smith via AskMen

Great quote on the subject of SUV's
"I'm going to buy a short school bus. My car will be bigger than all of yours and I, unlike you, the Terrorist Support Committee, won't be hiding the fact that I'm fucking retarded." -

Camera Phones used for butt-rating site: People are using cameraphones to take pictures of other people's butts and and submitting them to a hot-or-not style site called Mobile Asses. [via Boing Boing Blog]

Friday, June 06, 2003

Attention Vagina Patrons
Xtina in MaximA quality purchase is the thin "Maxim Hot 100 2003" which accompanies the current issue of Maxim. There are some quality pictures in there of our favorite female celebrities and up-and-comers, including Christina Aguilera (who ranks pretty high up there, incidently). But get it. It's nice. If you don't, you can catch it in the form of a special at 9pm, June 14th (Saturday) on NBC. Subscribe to Maxim

Thursday, May 29, 2003

Photobloggers vs. Camgirls
via the Gothamist

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

A Couple Makeovers
50 Bent - In Da Tub

Jewel as Kylie

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

No way these pics haven't been computer manipulated

Just look at the position of her arm and her breast.

Pamela Anderson in Stuff.
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