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TwistedFans.com is looking for 
a few talented sports writers. 

The objective of TwistedFans.com is to offer a forum where highly critical sports fanatics can vent their frustrations without being reigned in by the mainstream sports media. 

TwistedFans.com main goal is to make readers laugh, then think, then laugh some more. While scores, stats, and trades are of critical importance to us as sports fanatics, as writers we seek to be insightful, provocative, controversial and FUNNY; whether that's accomplished by poking fun at what takes place inside or outside the lines is, criticizing the business of sports and the sports media or ranting about whatever is on our mind, we try to provide our readers with articles not to be found at the conventional sports sites.

As TwistedFans.com grows so will your exposure and your reputation. TwistedFans.com exists to help you get heard. With over 30,000 hits a month, we're on our way to doing that. TwistedFans.com continually seeks to negotiate content partnerships whose end result will be to your benefit.

If you would like to join us please e-mail us and provide a sample article. We only accept original work and we will not accept work you are publishing elsewhere, unless of course it's on your own website.

TwistedFans.com is in the process of obtaining non-profit status and as such are unable to pay, this is strictly done on a voluntarily basis. But you will derive unique and growing exposure.

We reserve the right to edit your material and will not allow violations of others' intellectual property rights. Join us, be a part of an exciting and growing medium for the twisted sports fanatic.

We are especially interested at this time in finding writers who are fluent in english&chinese or english&spanish so as to expand our readership across international lines -- as we are surfed across the globe on sites such as Yahoo.com.

K-Cebo Satashi





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