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Changing Clothes

Changing Clothes A Short Film by Debra Kirschner

A reflection on body image through one woman's mirror

Changing Clothes, a thirteen-minute, 16mm film, examines the inner-thoughts and feelings of one woman, Andrea Bailey, as she dresses for an important evening out.  As she dresses, she struggles to feel more beautiful, all the while recalling painful events that affect the way she feels about her body. Flashbacks culminate in a fast montage, which unravels the essence of Andrea's struggle and reveals each character's own insecurities.  Andrea's effort becomes universal.

Changing Clothes most recently screened at the Philafilm International Film Festival in Philadelphia in July, 1999 where it won an Honorable Mention award. Other screenings across the globe include the Cucalorus Film Festival in Wilmington, North Carolina in April, 1999, the Bathurst Film Festival in Bathurst, Australia in May, 1999, the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition Film and Video Festival and the Long Island Film Festival in June, 1999 and the Always Independent On-line Festival throughout the summer of 1999. Changing Clothes has also been shown at The Screening Room and Symphony Space in Manhattan and Ozzie's Café in Brooklyn.

Shakti Productions is seeking Educational Distribution for Changing Clothes.

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