Issue #10

New Look NFL...It Ain't Just Switching Divisions

July 31, 2001


A Tangled Web of Intrigue


The NFL Rules and Competition Committee has announced that there will be a new look to point scoring this year.

Commissioner Paul Tagliabue described the changes as "lots of fun and in spirit with a game as American as apple pie."

The innovations involve changing the configuration of field goal posts -- joining the tops of each post together to form a circle through which a kicker must knock the ball. Tagliabue cited the growing prominence of foreigners in the game as a reason for the changes.

"Most kickers tend to be foreign. We at the League are not comfortable with having the outcome of our American sport determined by people like Raul Allegre and Gary Andersen. Furthermore, most kickers are puny wimps who don't deserve to be in our sport. We are also still looking into ways to require that all starting quarterbacks punt and kick the ball off. They are paid enough money and should be happy with the opportunity to rid our League of foreign kickers."

Staff Writer Butch Rogaine covers the NFL Rules Committees Summer Meetings to give meaning to his life.

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