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TwistedFans.com reporters Butch Rogaine and Luscious Rosenbaum offer their differing viewpoints on the infamous All Star Game tie.

Luscious says give the game significance so Barry Bonds won't be fooling around with Torii Hunter during the game.
Luscious Rosenbaum:  Who the hell cares whether the All Star Game was won by one league or another? Let's face it, the only people who watch the game do so either to see their teams' player(s) participate in the game and appear on a national stage, or to see if they're going to win on bets placed in casinos or with bookies. Neither is a terribly important concern to us.  After Sammy Sosa left the game, so did most Chicago fans. And you can't blame them, considering the fact that the game starts late and ends late for everyone except those West of the Mississippi.  You just had insomniacs and those with a few hundred clams riding on the outcome.

     What do you expect with a game that means absolutely nothing?  I say Major League Baseball should give the game significance by awarding home field advantage in the World Series to the League that wins the All Star game.  This way, Barry Bonds wouldn't be goofing around with Torii Hunter in the outfield, but instead cursing him out for catching a near-homerun.  And Joe Torre wouldn't be wasting starter Barry Zito on one batter early in the game.  I don't think the managers of either team did anything wrong by using up all their players and asking Selig to call a tie.  They underscored how little the game means, and the fact that there's little actual competition involved.

Fans loved the All-Star Sham Tie.
Butch Rogaine:  This year's All Star Game ruined baseball. It destroyed fan support in a situation that could have been easily remedied.  Ok, so gamblers watch the game, so do those die hard fanatics who can't stand being without baseball for the 3 days that comprise the break. These people deserve a resolution to the game.  For my solution, I look to the venerable Warren Spahn, who was one of the people that threw opening pitches to the game.  We all saw Warren wind up and throw the baseball straight down at his foot. Honorary catcher Robin Yount then ran towards Spahn, picked the ball up, and gave him a souvenir of the awesome event. 

     I say that Bob Brenly, after running out of players, should have put old Warren on the mound.  Ok, so he would not have gotten anyone out.  However. he probably would've either walked a guy and then thrown 3 wild pitches that would score the runner, or he would've walked 4 straight guys.  Either way, the fans could have closure.  The game means nothing the day after it's played, so what would be so wrong about losing it?

Butch Rogaine and Luscious Rosenbaum agree on that they can't decide if Torre or Brenly is the bigger idiot manager.
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