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Issue #50

Magazines Confirm It: 
Soccer is a Sport

     Earlier this month, several different sports magazines confirmed what some Americans had suspected and only a few had actually known: there is a sport called soccer. Prior to this World Cup, publications such as Sports Illustrated, ESPN the Magazine and even the Sporting News have featured covers with men in some stage of kicking, catching or holding a large white ball with black spots.

     However, the number of such magazine covers soon dwindled as June progressed, and are not expected to return for another four years or so.

Luscious Rosenbaum


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Duffer Phil Mickelson

Fluffer Hugh Grant

Recent posting on Fanhome.com: TwistedFans.com is probably the closest I've seen to a sports version of the Onion. Here's a recent example of their handiwork: MLB Begins First Ever Inter-Species Play | posted by Guy Icognito
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